In addition, restaurants comply with a series of sanitary regulations.

It is noteworthy that these rules vary depending on the
municipality. “In order not to have any problems, a good
idea is to go to the Health Surveillance in your city and find
out about the necessary documents and specific rules”,
says Juliana.
According to Juliana, one of the first things that beginning
entrepreneurs decide is the location of the restaurant –
often, the idea of opening a business comes from knowing
that there is a property available to receive the
A part of restaurant planning is to understand the behavior
of those passing through the neighborhood. “An important
tip is to take a stool, sit in front of the commercial point and
watch the street. It is important to know what are the times
with the most people and if there are people in the region
during the weekend, for example.”
The region of your business location is also important to

define your target audience. “A restaurant in Jardins [a high-
class neighborhood in São Paulo] has a different audience

than an establishment in a more peripheral region. Its
location will be important to define its prices and product
mix”, says Juliana. American Pasta pasta bar near me